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Introducing OASIS

Oasis is a 3D Graphical Visualization and Processing system that can easily incorporate 2D Seismic Surveys, 3D Seismic Surveys and Well Log Information into a simple and robust project management environment. Point and click to interact with data in the 3D environment. Construct processing flows and see the results applied to your 2D and 3D data in a Three Dimensional Space.

Earth cube viewer in line tie mode

3D Viewer

The Oasis 3D viewer allows lightning fast scrolling of Inlines, Crosslines and Time slices. Perform basic operations such as filtering, gaining, and spectral balancing with the Interactive mode and batch mode operations.

View 2D data surveys in a 3D environment with available well information and 3D volumes. The Oasis 2D/3D Viewer has integrated line tie analysis software that lets you visualize and correct line tie intersections for time, phase, and frequency differences and see the results applied instantly in 3D space.

Gather View Panel

Gather Enhancement Analysis Tool


With the Oasis base platform, you get Inversion, Filtering, Gaining, Spectral Balancing, Sorting, Attribute Volumes, SEG-Y output and more. With these capabilities we are not just talking about signal processing algorithms piped in a batch flow, you get state of the art analysis software applications that give instant feedback when adjusting parameters for filtering, spectral balancing, attribute, and inversion. With the Oasis EarthCube Viewer, easily integrate full Three Dimensional views of 2D Data, 3D Volumes and Wells. Easily adjust transparency, color map and other display parameters.


With OasisPrestack, you get processing capabilities, which allows for quick QC, processing and restacking of migrated gathers for 2D and 3D seismic. Reflection modeling of gathers and Avo attribute extraction along digitized Prestack events and better AVO analysis and Prestack Inversion products. Residual NMO can be velocity independent or Utilize a Velocity Model with independent Anisotropy Volumes. With Oasis the User can load gathers, view gathers, compute attributes from gathers, apply RNMO (unaffected by polarity reversals), condition gathers and even restack the migrated gathers to produce a potentially better final image or offset and or angle stacks in Time and Depth.

US State Plane with Counties

Global UTM with County Boundaries

Oasis Cartographic System

With the Oasis Cartographic System you can easily combine multiple 2D and 3D surveys with Well log information as well as Shape files and cultural information. With Oasis the user can easily point and click in map based environment for defining common coordinate systems such as UTM and US State Plane Z one Codes.

The Geographical Information Systems or GIS interface within Oasis is capable of supporting just about any Global Cartographic System and even allows the user to modify the coordinates of seismic data surveys and allow for SEG-Y output of the desired CRS system in the trace headers

Genetic Inversion Tool

Oasis FlowBuilder

The Oasis Flow Builder allows the user to construct Flows to filter, gain, compute attributes and much more, and the Oasis workflows are maintained by the Oasis Project Management System and organized by 2D Line and 3D Survey, so working through large complex 2D grids or multiple 3D surveys the user can maintain a very diverse set of workflows to QC, mine new information or correct for processing artifacts as well as resolve line tie issues.

A very simple drag and drop interface allows for very fast processing and visualization of workflows applied to 2D and 3D seismic Surveys. With the Advanced functionality of todays Object Oriented Development Environments the team at ADV have been able to construct a processing engine and integrated Workflow Builder with the Web, Multi Threading and Database integration. Cloud Project Replication functionality for projects in upcoming Oasis releases that will allow the user to store the Meta data for all of the Project Workflow information and give the user the peace of mind in the event of a loss of a desktop system the user parameters and workflows can be easily synced from the last Cloud sync.

PreStack Time Migration
Kirchoff Depth Migration
Reverse Time Migration

PSTM - Prestack Time Migration

The Oasis Prestack 3D Time Migration algorithm is a proprietary implementation of Kirchhoff which includes both Fourth ordered Anisotropic terms and Curved Ray terms in addition to the conventional straight ray or 2nd ordered term. The algorithm has been developed to provide superior anti-aliasing protection while providing the maximum frequency for complex structural imaging conditions.

PSDM - Prestack Depth Migration

Within our collection of tools is Wave Equation Migration, 2D and 3D Reverse Time Migration, including Isotropic RTM and VTI (vertical transverse isotropy) RTM. We have both CPU versions and a GPU versions

TTI Kirchoff Depth Migration

Our technology is capable of imaging complex media with tilted anisotropy.  We use the latest fast marching algorithms to solve
for traveltime. The advantages of fast marching algorithms are they are unconditionally stable.

This solver makes the traveltime calculations possible in complex tilted symmetries without stability issues.

Reverse Time Migration

The OASIS RTM images complex structures beneath salt formations and runs in 2D or 3D mode with algorithms for Isotropic and VTI media. This proprietary software uses a specialized propagation engine to account for sparse velocity models.

Oasis Basic Feature Set

Basic processing modules

  1. Stacking  OasisPreStack
  2. Sorting
  3. Filtering
    1. Band Pass
    2. Automatic Gain Control
    3. Spectral Balancing
  4. Muting 

Signal Enhancement

  1. FXY Decon
  2. 3D Taup
  3. 2D Taup

Gather conditioning OasisPreStack

  1. Automated residual normal move out correction
    1. polynomial fit
    2. parabolic fit
  2. Gather signal modeling and enhancement
  3. Radon de-multiple Coming Soon!
  4. FK filter
  5. RNMO Trajectory smoothing

Post stack attributes

  1. Energy attenuation
    1. Spectral whitening
  2. Dip map
    1. Direction
    2. Angle
  3. Dis-Continuity Attribute

AVO  OasisPreStack

  1. Intercept
  2. Gradient
  3. Intercept * Gradient
  4. Shear Reflectivity
  5. Poisson Reflectivity
  6. Poisson Reflectivity / Shear Reflectivity
  7. Fluid Factor
  8. AVO Trend

Interactive Graphical Applications

  1. Job flow builder
  2. 3D Visualization
  3. 2D visualization
  4. Radon parameterization OasisPreStack
  5. Velocity analysis OasisPreStack
  6. Gather visualization OasisPreStack
  7. Bin grid input and editing


  1. Latitude and Longitude conversion
    1. State Plane Code
    2. UTM


  1. Automated geometry extraction
    1. CDP
    2. Shot OasisPreStack
    3. Receiver OasisPreStack
  2. Velocity gridding
    1. Time
    2. Depth
    3. ETA

I /O

  1. 3D brick format with compression OasisPreStack
  2. 3D gather brick format with compression OasisPreStack
  3. 2 & 3 dimensional sorting
  4. 2D and 3D SEGY import and export



We have expertise in many areas of processing and interpretation.

John Almon is an alumnus of Rice University in Computer Science and graduated with an M.B.A. from Rice University. He has an extensive background in software development and finance planning, which has led him to be a senior Software Engineer at Stage Stores, Inc, Investment Banker with WoodRock & Co, CFO of Risers International, a Offshore Drilling Riser Company, and currently founder/CEO of Advanced Seismic.

Leron Wells has 25 years of experience in Seismic Processing, Research & Development, Software Development and High Performance Computing. He has worked at Seismic Ventures as a main developer for 2D and 3D Prestack Imaging, AVO, attributes and many other technologies, as well as a production processing supervisor. He now serves as Officer, Founder and Leader at Advanced Seismic.


We have expertise in many areas of processing and interpretation. We can help you with any type of project from consulting to services


We can help you make better decisions by using our software tools that were designed for modern computer hardware.

Our software does not use third party libraries, so we can develop any functionality that you need at the right price.


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